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American youngsters want to become lawyers or accountants, but Chinese all want to become financial traders, China watcher Bill Dodson muses on his weblog, after talking to his neighbor’s daughter. Where is this country heading for?

Bill Dodson:

It seemed most of her classmates intended to study finance. I wasn’t clear though if her classmates reasons were the same as the young lady’s, or they all simply suffered from a collective lack of imagination about future possibilities.
Actually, I recall having a similar conversation with a young professional several years ago. She was working in the commercial real estate industry, which she enjoyed. However, after the birth of her child, her parents were giving her pressure to work in the financial industry. “Look how much money your classmates are making,” they stressed. She seemed close to relenting when I spoke with her.
With labor trends for the educated in China gravitating to the acquisition of money for money’s sake, the future of China as an innovation nation becomes problematic. Perhaps, instead of admiring China for making breakthroughs in new sources of energy,  the world will look on at China’s Wall Streets as “innovative” financial products lead the world into yet another round of depression-era soul searching.
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