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The China Daily reviews Tom Doctoroff’s latest book “What Chinese Want: Culture, Communism and China’s Modern Consumer” and what is really takes to sell to the Chinese consumers. “The Chinese world view, not to mention its brandscape, differs profoundly from other markets,” he writes.

The China Daily:

Although Doctoroff’s target audience is Western businesspeople, he believes anyone with an interest in learning what motivates the Chinese will find his book useful. “Particularly for businesspeople, as they get into collaborations they should have a deeper understanding that how Chinese individuals engage with organizations and society is very different from us,” he says.

Too many Western companies come to China with hopes of applying business strategies that have worked elsewhere, Doctoroff argues. An understanding of Chinese culture is crucial to correctly identifying an appropriate campaign for a given market.

“Chinese rulers derive legitimacy from their assumed mastery of the system, so the worst sin a foreigner can commit is teaching,” he writes.

Doctoroff is confident that he can identify recurring themes and conflicts that define Chinese culture.

More in the China Daily.

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