Heleen Mees

“China’s boom caused the financial crisis and ensuing economic recession.” That is the central theme of the PhD economist, lawyer and publicist Heleen Mees hopes to receive in August. The China Speakers Bureau is happy to welcome Heleen Mees as their latest speaker.
Heleen Mees will start in September as Adjunct Associate Professor of Public Administration at NYU Wagner.

Mees is a contributing editor to Foreign Policy.

Heleen Mees is Assistant Professor in Economics at Tilburg University. Before joining Tilburg University, Mees was a researcher at the Erasmus School of Economics. Her research focuses on monetary policy and the macroeconomic consequences of the rise of China and other emerging economies.

Mees is currently working on a field experiment in China, as part of the behavioral economics program. Last year she did research on the prevalence of money illusion in China, holding a survey among more than 300 individuals in Beijing.

Heleen Mees is based in New York.

Do you need her at your meeting or conference? Do get in touch or fill in our speakers’ request form.

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