Marc van der Chijs

Marc van der Chijs co-founded Tudou, worked for Spil Games Asia, and now organized fashion firm United Styles. What does it take to succeed as an entrepreneur in  China, asked the SXL Group our serial entrepreneur and former VC.

Marc van der Chijs:

If you want to start a Chinese Internet company make sure you first get some work experience in China before you jump in on your own. If you want to work for a Chinese Internet company try to join an Internet start-up that you like. Offer to work for them for a very low salary with a good option package and many will be interested. Of course you will need to speak Chinese first, without that skill you will have a hard time to find something suitable. Most important, make sure you are really an entrepreneur and not doing it for fame or riches. Most start-ups will fail, and unless you really like what you are doing and don’t mind living with high stress and uncertainty for years don’t even think about striking out on your own. But if you feel you have what it takes, go for it as soon as you feel you have enough experience to make it a success.

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Marc van der Chijs is a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. Do you need him at your meeting or conference? Do get in touch or fill in our speakers’ request form.


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