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Not only hot money is leaving China, the country suffers from an ongoing brain drain to the US, writes China veteran Bill Dodson on his weblog. China is failing to foster its innovation incubators, he says. And the parents of those brightest might follow suit.

Bill Dodson:

China, in other words, is suffering a brain drain. One Chinese parent told me that university lecture halls in America in which his daughter is enrolled on the east coast are seeing up to 60- and 70-percent matriculation by Chinese nationals. Of course, the parents of the students pay international rates for their children to attend schools abroad.

They are paying for an education system that emphasizes participation, personal initiative and application of knowledge over rote learning and slavish adherence to authoritarian diktat.

Chinese nationals – or at least their children – are maturing in innovation incubators Chinese society does not, cannot and does not want to foster.

And those Chinese go-getters ain’t going to be returning any time soon to their homeland in the Mainland. One of the big reasons is that mama and papa have every intention of joining their offspring State-side.

More on Bill Dodson’s weblog.

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