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The US have a special visa to lure foreign talents,  the H-1B visa, but China is doing exactly the opposite, giving foreigners a hard time to come to China, writes China analyst Paul Denlinger on his weblog the China Vortex.

Paul Denlinger:

At the same time, there has been some hostility to westerners in China, which was highlighted earlier this year by Yang Rui’s famous remarks. Yang Rui seemed to reveal certain feelings which don’t lie far beneath the surface in China, and can come out in a very unmanaged fashion.

In contrast, while there are occasional calls to restrict immigration policy in the US, there is very limited personal anger to immigrants among better-educated Americans. (The exceptions can be deadly, such as the attacks on Sikhs.) There is almost no support for calls to repeal the H-1B visa which come around election time.

So why don’t the US and China talk to each other about how their citizens are treated and employed in each others’ country? Shouldn’t that be part of the globalization conversation?

More at the China Vortex.

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Why are foreigners leaving China, was one of the questions the China Weekly Hangout addressed last month:

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