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After the inauguration of the US President and Vice-President the hearings for the major cabinet positions will start. In the process China should be seen as a partner not a problem, writes China specialist Michael Justin Lee in the Baltimore Sun. But he is sure that is unlikely going to happen.

Michael Justin Lee:

To the cabinet nominees, I say this: China may have its problems, but a suicidal tendency is not one of them. Like any country, it acts in its own interests. This may sometimes put the Chinese at odds with other countries, but it does not mean they seek confrontation — especially not with the United States. And everyone in China over 20 can do a very quick before-and-after comparison of living conditions over the past two decades. It’s no contest which period comes out ahead. I’m not aware of any culture in which not eating is preferable to eating. And the Chinese well know that the great American market has been substantially responsible for their current banquet.

In turn, their market could be quite a banquet for us. Two little factoids might provide proper perspective about the size of Chinese markets. If little Wu and young Jiang would be particularly diligent in their foreign language studies, China could very quickly also have the largest English-speaking population in the world, too. Never heard that, did you? But even a quarter of a 1.4 billion population equals a whopping big number. Moreover, Christians (including Catholics) in China already outnumber Christians in Italy. Surprising? Sure. But a number like 1.4 billion can do things like that.

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