Jeremy Goldkorn

Rumors on the short-term future of China’s internet went into opposite directions over the past few weeks. VPN services got into trouble, others suggested the new leadership would allow more freedom. Media watcher Jeremy Goldkorn tells the VOA he does not expect either.

The VOA:

Jeremy Goldkorn, director of, a site about the Chinese media and Internet, said in an interview with VOA that he doesn’t foresee many changes, in either direction.

“I just don’t see that there’s going to be any change. I don’t see anybody in the government who’s committed to liberalization of Internet policy or media policy,” says Goldkorn. “But will it get much worse? That’s always a possibility.”

More in the VOA

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At the China Weekly Hangout we discussed end December the problems for foreign business people to access the internet via VPN’s. Is it illegal? And will the authorities push ahead banning this crucial service?

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