Jeremy Goldkorn
Jeremy Goldkorn

The cat and mouse game between China’s internet users and its government is well documented. But who is winning the struggle is less clear. According to internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn the government has won, he explains in GlobalPost.

The Global  Post:

“The strategy has always been to make sure that the voices that are approved by the government are the loudest and clearest and easiest to hear — on all platforms,” says Jeremy Goldkorn, a Chinese media expert in Beijing. “That’s Leninist media strategy adapted to the modern age.”

In its ceaseless campaign to control dissent in China, officials have made clear they are no longer content with simply trying to censor and police online writings; they want to guide the debate as well…

“I think the government has now completely caught up with the Weibo age,” says Goldkorn. “They’ve succeeded in dominating Weibo just like they do every other type of media, or at least having enough control so that it doesn’t get out of hand.”

More in the Global Post.

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