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A tougher business climate, poor internet connections and other problems did not deter serial entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs from working in Shanghai. But when his son started coughing, he left for Vancouver, Canada. The pollution the tipping point, he tells The Vancouver Sun.

The Vancouver Sun:

“My son was getting asthma. He was coughing a lot,” said van der Chijs, who moved his family to West Vancouver and set up with venture capital company Cross Pacific Capital. “We went to see the doctor and he said it was probably pollution-related. As parents, we felt pretty bad about it.”

Van der Chijs isn’t the first, nor likely the last, expatriate to flee China because of the country’s notorious smog…

Air pollution has also been worsening in Shanghai over the years, van der Chijs said. A trail runner, he never ran outside while he was there, preferring to run on a treadmill, while his children rarely played outside.

“It was off the scales sometimes. If it was really bad there I just stayed inside,” he said. “When you live here you realize it’s not the norm.”

Exposure to high levels of air pollution can lead to cardiovascular and lung disease, and increase the risk of cancer…

Van der Chijs admits he likely wouldn’t have felt the urgency to leave China if his son hadn’t become sick.

“I like China a lot. It’s just very hard for families who live there,” he said. “I’m very happy to be here. It’s night and day compared with what you have over there.”

More in the Vancouver Sun.

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