Tricia Wang
Tricia Wang

Personal space is scarse in China, reason why many Chinese see their PC and mobile devices as their most personal space, writes sociologist Tricia Wang in While other academics argue the PC is a shared object, Tricia Wang points at the many advertisements  selling PC’s as a personal object.

Tricia Wang:

 I’ve seen people more attached to their computers and mobile phones because that is the ONLY space that they can claim is entirely theirs. Apartments are small, space is crowded, sometimes rooms have to be shared, in-laws come over any time – everyone is nosy – but the digital tool is their object. Even migrants who buys a PC are very attached to it and have strict rules around sharing it because it is considered a personal space.

Take a walk in any electronics mall or on Taobao and you’ll see ads that sell computers as a personal object. It just isn’t true that a computer won’t sell if isn’t advertised as a shared object.

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