Harm Kiezebrink
Harm Kiezebrink

The Beijing-based flu expert Harm Kiezebrink is joining the China Speakers Bureau.

Harm Kiezebrink international security expert on pandemics and bio-terrorism.

He was part of the WHO-SARS team ten years ago and advised the Chinese government on crisis management approaches for the SARS crisis and animal eradication strategies. Before that he helped the Dutch government to tackled major bird flu outbreaks. Since then he advised hundreds of governments and companies on how to deal with flu crises.

The China Speakers Bureau is happy to have an eminent expert as Harm Kiezebrink among it’s speakers. While the latest flu scare did not lead to a pandemic at this stage, China is busy preparing for the next crisis. As should other governments and companies.

You can read his profile here, or ask us for more information. On a regular basis, and when needed, we will use YouTube to add small clips with his advise on current development.

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