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Cheers from VC Marc van der Chijs for Mary Meeker, who gave a lot of attention to China in her latest “The State of the Internet”. She underestimates the size of China’s internet companies by using under-reporting figures from Comscore, he writes on his weblog.

Marc van der Chijs:

Mary Meeker makes a mistake by saying that the top 8 of biggest Global Internet Properties are all US companies. The data they use (based on Comscore) suggest that #9 (Tencent) and #10 (Baidu) both have less than 300 million unique monthly visitors. This is far below their real user numbers, the Comscore figures for China are always way too low. It should have been clear from some of her other charts that her figures are too low, for example WeChat (a Tencent app that was launched 18 months ago) already has 400 million users. WeChat is just one of many of Tencent’s services. Later she mentions Sina Weibo with 530 million users, which did not even make it in the top 10. Not a big deal, but in my opinion Chinese companies should be ranked much higher in the Global Internet Properties list.

More on Marc van der Chijs’ weblog.

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