Wei Gu
Wei Gu

Is e-learning a good way to deal with China’s shortage of qualified teachers? One of the questions in the debate on the future of online education, moderated by WSJ’s Wei Gu, with Yat Siu, chief executive of Outblaze, and her WSJ colleague Jake Lee.

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China Weekly Hangout

Education has a profound effect on the changes of China’s labor force. That was one of the recent debates, on May 24, at the China Weekly Hangout, where economist Heleen Mees from New York, entrepreneur Sam Xu from Zhuhai and China Speakers Bureau Fons Tuinstra from Lausanne ask Dee Lee, of the NGO Inno in Guangzhou questions. Dee Lee is running a workers’ hotline, mainly funded by big brands who want to keep an eye on working conditions.

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