Michael Justin Lee
Michael Justin Lee

China’s position towards Syria in the UN security council is not very clear. Michael Justin Lee looks in The Jerusalem Post into the underlying relationship with Israel, and its long-standing relationship with the jews.

Michael Justin Lee:

China is frequently considered an ally of Syra and the PLO. As proof, China’s thinly veiled criticisms of Israel’s use of force is frequently cited. However, appearances can be deceiving. The reality is quite different.

Don’t mistake China’s rhetoric for reality. In fact, China’s relationships with Syria and the PLO aren’t what they used to be. The reason is that China’s relationship with the State of Israel isn’t what it used to be. In the mere 20 years since China and Israel established diplomatic relations, ancient ties between the nations of China and Israel have strengthened to an unprecedented degree.

Unbeknownst to many people, the history of the Jews in China is both long and friendly. When Marco Polo “discovered” China, he found that the Jews were already very well established there and quite prosperous. In the 20th century, China proved to be a hospitable sanctuary for the Jewish people escaping the Russian Revolution and the Holocaust. We even have a Chinese Oskar Schindler in Dr. Ho Feng-Shan, China’s consul-general in Vienna, who saved the lives of thousands of Jews.

More in The Jerusalem Post.

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