Wei Gu
Wei Gu

Gambling in Macau is booming, despite a lack of table, China’s anti-corruption drive and a strict visa policy, learns WSJ’s wealth editor Wei Gu from Aaron Fisher of CLSA. Gambling in Macau is worth 40 billion US dollar and might overtake the whole of the US in the coming years.


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China Weekly Hangout

How do China’s media work? The China Weekly Hangout is going to focus Thursday 7 November on the case of journalist Chen Yongzhou, the reporter of the New Express in Guangdong, and try to figure out how media in China work. Chen got arrested for articles he wrote on the state-owned company Zoomlion, developed into a hero for press freedom. Until he apologized for getting paid for those articles. Two scenario’s are still possible: a hero or a cheater, or even more scenario’s. You can read or announcement here, or register her for the event. 

Steve Barru, Miguel de Vinchi and Fons Tuinstra wrapped up early September the news on Shanghai’s Free Trade Zone at the China Weekly Hangout, and end in a not-so positive mood about what this new zone is actually going to do.

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