Marc van der Chijs

Bitcoin expert and former serial entrepreneur in China Marc van der Chijs gives on his weblog his view on the latest developments of Bitcoin. Unlike the common opinion, Van der Chijs believes China is not trying to ban the bitcoin, but tries to contain the new financial feature.

Marc van der Chijs:

China’s Bitcoin news over the past weeks has surprised me, but I think most people misinterpret the Chinese Bitcoin rules. The country is not trying to ban it, just wants to make sure speculation is not getting out of control until they better understand it. I would not be surprised it the country itself is actually buying Bitcoin. China wants to have more influence in the financial world, but it knows it can never control the USD. It’s unlikely that the RMB can take over this role because of a lack of trust in China, even though the Chinese currency is now the 2nd biggest currencies for trade finance. Bitcoin would be a great solution to gain more global financial influence and it would therefore make sense for China to be active in the Bitcoin market.

Of course you could then come up with a conspiracy theory saying that China tried to reduce the price by not allowing banks and 3rd party payment providers to deal with Bitcoin, but I think that’s a bit too far fetched. However, I still wonder about one thing: who was buying Bitcoin on Chinese exchanges after the ban on payment providers to work with Bitcoin providers in China? Because nobody could fund their RBM accounts anymore and a lot of people were trying to sell, the price should have gone to zero. But that did not happen, after a major drop in price parties started buying again on the Chinese exchanges and the RMB/Bitcoin price started climbing up. But who was buying if no Chinese could add money to their accounts? Maybe I am overlooking something obvious here, but there is only one party I can think of…

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