Marc van der Chijs

In China the financial authorities have come close to a ban of the Bitcoin, and the news in general has been negative. But China entrepreneur and Bitcoin enthusiast Marc van de Chijs explains on his weblog why the crypto-currency is likely to keep on shaking the financial markets.

Marc van der Chijs:

Now that initial regulations are in place I think a new era of Bitcoin has started. The past 4 months have seen a gradual decline in Bitcoin prices, mainly due to the potential ban of Bitcoin in China, but also due to the non-stop flow of negative news about Bitcoin. A lot of the early entrepreneurs turned out to be frauds, crooks or criminals, and even some of the newer ones seem to be doing the same thing (unfortunately the CEO of the Cyprus Bitcoin bank NEO BEE seems to be the next example).

Most of the decline in price is due to the fact that speculators left the market and that the Chinese BTC holders are selling their coins. People see the news, don’t fully understand it, get scared and decide to sell their holdings. Typical behavior in a market crash.

Bitcoin has shown that it is quite resilient. After the Mt. Gox disaster many people predicted the price would go back to mid-2013 levels ($100), but that did not happen. Each time the price dropped others started buying. That happened for a while at the $400 support level, but that was broken today. Nobody knows what will happen over the next days (especially China news can give BTC another dip), but because there is a lot of smart money waiting to buy in I think it might be back above $400 sooner rather than later.

More at Marc van der Chijs´weblog.

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