Joel Backaler
Joel Backaler

Author Joel Backaler of China Goes West: Everything You Need to Know About Chinese Companies Going Global just returned from a book tour in China. On his website he summarizes a few observations, for example the fears of Chinese companies going global.

Joel Backaler:

My last speech in Beijing was at the Cheung Kong eMBA program which highlighted the Chinese side of outbound investment. The vast majority of the 80 attendees were C-level executives from top Chinese firms pursuing their MBA primarily to learn how to globalize their businesses. After a keynote speech to open up the session, I was joined on stage by a senior vice president from the Chinese firm TCL, a consumer electronics firm. We discussed the topic of outbound M&A and the many challenges that Chinese companies tend to face in the process. My counterpart from TCL described many of the challenges I wrote about in my book based on his own experience buying firms in the US and France. He expressed concerns about over-paying for acquisition targets, challenges along the management visit stage and difficulties incorporating global executives into his Chinese organization.

More at Joel Backaler´s website the China Observer.

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