Jasper BeckerTalks might be going on between Hong Kong protesters and the government, but a deal is very unlikely, explains journalist and China veteran Jasper Becker in the Eurasia Review. From a debate on the results of the Hong Kong protest movement.

The Eurasia Review.

Jasper Becker, journalist and writer, author of books on China, Mongolia and the DPRK, hypothesized that the PRC and the rest of the world also had no clear vision of the reasons and the mission behind the demonstrations, which made the talks even more complicated.

In his opinion, a full-fledged compromise on the terms the “Umbrella Movement” had brought up during its first days was unreachable from the very beginning. According to the analyst, a democratic system in Hong Kong would become a one-of-a-kind political precedent that Beijing is anxious to avoid.

“They have been trying to gain control over the media in Hong Kong, and harassing opponents of the Communist party, but Hong Kong is a very open city,” the expert said.

From his point of view, the October 2014 events disprove the common notion that the Chinese population will continue to support the current policies as long as the economic growth persists.

“I think it’s clear that many people in China, in Hong Kong and in Taiwan are anxious to have a democratic system to have free elections irrespective of whether there is economic prosperity or not,” Jasper Becker said.

Musing on the possible future developments, he suggested that the events in the former British colony will affect the political climate of the whole region.

“The way the Party has responded to Hong Kong will have a big knock-on effect on Taiwan, where people are more likely to vote for the opposition party in the coming elections,” he explained.


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