Rowan Simons
Rowan Simons

The now-closed shopping spree for soccer players by Chinese clubs has taken the industry by surprise: over 40 players moved East in the past months. But China soccer expert Rowan Simons does not think this is necessarily a smart move, he tells the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail:

Late last year, state-backed investment firm China Media Capital was part of a consortium that bought a $400 million stake in Premier League giants Manchester City.

The enthusiasm has driven the premium prices for talent, according to Rowan Simons, an author and prominent commentator on Chinese football.

“The buying spree is spurred on by the wish to please the president, so money is no object”, said Simons, adding that the country “is a naive new buyer in this very small market and is ill-equipped to negotiate effectively against the super-agents who wrote the book”.

More in the Daily Mail.

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