Andy Mok
Andy Mok

The  Sino Swiss Economic Forum convened this week in Beijing, and celebrated the cooperation between both countries on innovation. Innovation expert and entrepreneur Andy Mok attended the meeting and gives at LinkedIn an overview.

Andy Mok:

Panelists included Mr. Hongzhang Wang, Chairman of China Construction Bank Corporation; Mr. Peter Voser, Chairman of ABB; Mr. Meng Mei, Chairman of TusHoldings; and Mr. Christoph Mader, Head of Legal & Taxes, Syngenta International. Despite an uncertain overall economic outlook, the panelists expressed confidence in the opportunities for cooperation between China and Switzerland in the areas of financial services, infrastructure and technology under the overall rubric of One Belt One Road.

In particular, Hongzhang Wang, noted the opportunities for China Construction Bank to further accelerate both process and product innovation in the financial services sector, especially through cooperation with its Swiss counterparts. He also noted that while technological advances such as robotics and AI (artificial intelligence) has reduced the number of call center staff required at his bank many of these employees have been redeployed to retail branches to provide a higher touch customer service experience. As such, these labor replacing technologies may not have as large an impact on employment as some observers fear.

Overall, the synergies between China and Switzerland plus the clear-eyed diplomatic and economic development strategies pursued by Switzerland bode well for Sino-Swiss relations and present worthwhile economic opportunities for those businesses and other organizations able and willing to contribute to these initiatives.

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Andy Mok and the Swiss ambassador in Beijing, Jean-Jacques DE DARDEL

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