Rowan Simons
Rowan Simons

President Xi Jinping still wants China to win the World Cup by 2050, but fortunately, his 50-point soccer plans is about much more, tells soccer expert Rowan Simons to WorldCrunch.“China’s soccer leaders will be millions of people participating in the game because they enjoy it.”


Since the president announced his 50-point plan last year, there’s been a lot of talk about China looking to dominate world soccer — maybe even compete for the prized World Cup by 2050.

But Rowan Simons, Chairman of China Club Soccer, says the policy is much more than just that: “The 20,000 schools, host the World Cup. Win the World Cup. That’s easy, isn’t it? No,” he quips. “I hope people can get that in to their heads that this is a historic epoch-making policy change in China that throws Soviet ideology on its head…. (it) frees a single sport from government control and says the people and experts should take control of it and build it.”

Indeed, the plan does call for separating the Chinese Soccer Association from the government. But contrary to popular belief, it isn’t a blueprint for China to win the World Cup by 2050.

Yet it does mention bidding to host the men’s World Cup and for the men’s team to become globally competitive. But Rowan says that is still not the main purpose.

“It has always been the problem before that China wants to win the World Cup and it has to win the next World Cup in 4 years or 6 years or 8 years,” Simons explains. “This is the first plan that says no we have a long-term 30-year journey toward even thinking about that as a result. And actually that wouldn’t be the result we’re looking for.”

Instead the “definition of success” for China’s soccer leaders will be millions of people participating in the game because they enjoy it, Simons states.

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