Andy Mok
Andy Mok

The world has been eagerly hoping to see how China would adjust to the Western world. What they did not realize, says Andy Mok, managing director at Red Pagoda Resources in Beijing in Newsmax. What the world did not see was how much China started to change the world.


The rise of Chinese tech powerhouses isn’t exactly new, even if it’s recent headlines – the pounding of Uber, the faltering of Apple – that have caught readers’ attention overseas. “What a lot of western policy makers and institutional investors have not recognized … they’ve been focused on how the outside world is going to change China. What many people have missed is actually how China is going to change the world,” says Andy Mok, managing director at Red Pagoda Resources in Beijing. He cited how Chinese audiences are now influencing Hollywood casting decisions. “The more and more the Chinese middle class becomes a driving force globally of product decisions, that’s becoming more apparent.”

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