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LinkedIn published an annual ranking of top voices, placing professor Jeffrey Towson, one of our speaker, in its top-10 for economy and finance. “They’ve weighed in on the biggest financial stories of the year, memorably tackling topics as diverse as the future of China’s economy to the need for change at major banks.


What he writes about: Towson, a business-school professor based in Beijing, writes about the growing power of Chinese consumers. “This can include topics such as why Chinese consumers are buying homes in bulk in California, why Uber actually won in China, why Apple is in trouble in Beijing, and why Carlsberg beer is doing fantastic in Yunnan,” Towson says. “Overall, my focus is how globalizing Chinese companies and increasingly wealthy Chinese consumers are impacting markets around the world on an almost weekly basis.”

Post he’s proudest of:Why Chinese Moms are the World’s Most Important Consumers,” garnering 125,000 views. “I liked this post because it reframed many of the biggest consumer stories of the past year (food scandals, vaccine scandals, rising consumption by urban families). Plus I got to use a really cute baby picture in the post,” he says.

His pick for 2016’s most-interesting news story: “The attempted hostile takeover of China Vanke. It is really the first high-profile attempted takeover we have seen in China — and it is against CEO Wang Shi, who is one of China’s most famous entrepreneurs.”

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