Jeffrey Towson

How does the world look like in 2025 when China and the Chinese continue to develop like they do now? After his well-received speech at LocWorld earlier this month, Beida business professor Jeffrey Towson started to focus his speeches on that subject.

From his weblog:

  • There will be 1B urbanites living in +400 Chinese cities. This massive, city-dwelling population will be larger than North and South America combined.

  • There will 250M middle class Chinese households. This consumer population will be undergoing big lifestyle upgrades and will regularly shake global markets with its changing preferences.

  • There will be 75M more Chinese college graduates. This population will enable world-class research & development on a scale the world has never before seen.

  • There will be a flood of money from China out into the world.

My China 2025 talks are both macro and specific to certain industries. And they focus on how to get ready for the opportunities and threats China 2025 will create.

His most popular keynotes on China 2025 are:

  • China 2025: What a Region Transformed by Chinese Consumers, Companies and Capital Will Look Like
  • Meet the Chinese Consumer of 2025. What to expect from the world’s most important and fickle consumers.
  • How the Internet and e-commerce will become increasingly Chinese: Lessons from Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba and others.
  • How Chinese women will re-shape global markets in the next decade.
  • A China 2025 playbook for Silicon Valley: Lessons from Uber vs. Didi, Yahoo vs. eBay, Alibaba vs. Amazon, and LinkedIn vs. Facebook.
  • Why outbound Chinese investment will disrupting global markets: Projections for One Belt, One Road, the new Silk Road, surging residential purchases and other China capital stories.
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