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2018 will not beat 2016 in terms of volume of outbound investments, but China is still expanding fast – despite increased government limits on financing outbound deals.A few of our speakers at the China Speakers Bureau focus on that development.

Major disasters, including the restructuring of Dalian Wanda of China’s richest man, show the vulnerability of some of these deals, and the need for good background information on the companies involved.


William Bao Bean
William Bao Bean

William Bao Bean is Investment Partner at SOS Ventures and Managing Director of Chinaccelerator, the first and longest running startup accelerator program in China based out of Shanghai.SOSventures is a usd235m evergreen fund known as the “Accelerator VC” with six partners running five global accelerator programs: HAX for hardware in Shenzhen, Indie.bio for biotech in San Francisco and Ireland, Food-X for food in New York and Chinaccelerator for Internet in Shanghai.  SOSventures invests in over 140 companies per year and over its 22 years has a net realized IRR of 36% putting it in the top 3% of VCs in the world.

Chinaccelerator invests in two batches of 10 startups per year in the Spring and Fall.  The focus is on Internet, helping companies from China and across Asia attack, the global market and companies from across the world enter China and SE Asia.

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Zhang Yiing

Zhang Ying is professor on Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.

Zhang Ying can cover a wide range of China related subjects, including Chinese economy and its transition, Chinese firms catching up in the world, Chinese entrepreneurship and digital transformation (fin-tech to  fin-life).

She started early 2017 a partnership between Huawei and RSM on digital education.

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Matthew Brennan

Matthew Brennan is a well-known speaker and writer on the topics of WeChat and the China digital ecosystem, now expanding fast into international markets.

He is regularly quoted in international media (The Economist, Bloomberg, Forbes, The Financial Times, BBC, TechInAsia). His company organizes China’s largest WeChat marketing conference series for international companies.

Matthew’s company China Channel is a China-focused tech consultancy and research firm. He holds 13+ years on the ground entrepreneurial experience in mainland China. Co-host of the China Tech Talk podcast produced together with Technode, China’s largest English language tech media.

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Ben Cavender

Ben Cavender is a senior analyst with The China Market Research Group (CMR) focusing on strategic planning and brand positioning. Next to his boss, Shaun Rein, he has become one of the leading voices of his firm.

His focus on retail has also made him into an e-commerce expert. No brand, no product in China can nowadays survive without also a solid online marketing strategy,

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Howard French
Howard French


Former New York Times correspondent Howard French published this month his well-received book China’s Second Continent: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in Africa on how Chinese immigration is changing Africa.

On-the-ground reports show how Chinese migrants into Africa are different from what we thought, and Africans give their frank opinion about their new neighbors. French focuses on patterns he has discovered in Africa, but his observations certainly also help other continents to assess the Chinese visitors into their countries.


Andy Mok
Andy Mok

Business consultant Andy Mok is an expert speaker on China´s outbound investments and especially China´s One Road, One Road investment plans.

He was one of the first investment professionals to join Morningside Ventures in the early 1990s, where he helped formulate the group’s investment strategy and played a key role in the post-investment management of portfolio companies in health care, media and education.

Subsequently, he joined the RAND Corp where, under the leadership of Zalmay Khalilzad (former US Ambassador to Afghanistan, Iraq and the UN), he helped research and publish the influential and widely cited “The United States and a Rising China: Strategic and Military Implications.

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Mark Schaub
Mark Schaub

Lawyer Mark Schaub is partner at China and Asia´s largest law firm at King&Wood and Mallesons, and involved in almost all international transactions of his firm.

As a lawyer he had extensive experience in negotiating deals, firing people and otherwise dealing with the ignorance of companies entering the Chinese business minefield.

Mark Schaub has 15 years of legal experience in China and was the first foreign lawyer to enter a Chinese law firm.

Until recently he has been skeptic about the size of China´s outbound investments, but he finds himself more often outside China, to negotiate such deals.

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Rupert Hoogewerf
Rupert Hoogewerf


Rupert Hoogewerf has been tracing China´s rich for over a decade. And he sees a trend in the way his research subject prepares for investments overseas. First, they go on a holiday as tourists. Then they send their children abroad. Then they start investing in some real estate, sometimes first apartments for their children and themselves.

Only then they have paved a way, and are ready to invest more abroad.

You can read some of his articles here.


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