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Bike sharing has met mixed reactions in China, including Beida professor Paul Gillis, who wondered earlier this year whether the investments made business sense, while they are already expanding internationally. The business case still has to be proven, Paul Gillis now admits on North Carolina Public Radio, bike sharing has changed his urban life for the better.

North Carolina Public Radio:

This concept, dockless bike sharing, has exploded in China over the past two years.

“Now, there are literally millions of these bicycles on the streets in China. And it has really transformed the urban living experience,” said Paul Gillis, a business professor at Peking University in Beijing. He says for short trips, for that last mile going from the train station to his office, he grabs a bike.

“It’s much easier than trying to hail a car. The bad part has been that the literally millions of bicycles that are now in China litter the streets. And the sidewalks have become so crowded with these bicycles that it’s hard to walk around.”

Despite being poorly regulated there, Gillis says bike sharing in China has been a huge positive overall: It’s easier to get around, and there’s less traffic and pollution in Beijing.

“I think it’s one of the things that has changed my life in China for the better more than anything in the last 20 years that I’ve been there,” Gillis said.

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