Zhang Ying

Some analysts believe China’s fast development has hit a wall. RSM professor Zhang Ying is not one of them, she writes in the Finance Monthly.“China’s economy does not hit the wall. Instead, it is on drive with much more power.”

Zhang Ying:

China’s economic growth from the factor-driven to an efficiency-driven in the past 3 decades has not only brought China to be the world manufacturing center in the past, but also leveraged China as one of the important “spinal joints” of the world-body for the future. The reason of its importance is consistent with the global phenomena and world economy integration, as well as the interdependence between China and the rest of the world.

China’s supply-driven and quantity-based catch-up model is very effective, particularly to bring China to the category of middle-income countries; however, once stepping into such a territory, the historical evidence already shows that the chance to be trapped in there is be very high, if without proper in-time transformation.

Due to the high-interdependence, China’s reduced economic growth rate, though not pulling China’s economy moving down, has pulled exponential impact on some countries in terms of their employment rate and economic performance. Such symptom calls for worries and blaming to China, with two different messages: one, China hits the wall; second, China is transforming and preparing for the innovation-driven economic growth model.

China’s current transformation, in terms of being inclusive and quality-based and dramatic rising evidence in domestic consumption and prosperous service sector, implies that China will not be falling into the first proposition. It is also supported by the vision and the joint effort of Chinese citizens, global participants, and Chinese government to build China as an inclusive society and sustainable economy for the sake of world integration and global sustainability. In principle, this direction is presented as a paradox where China’s transformation is empowered by massive entrepreneurship and innovation in the current technology-driven and digitalization era ,while presented with a reduced GDP growth rate. The underlying matter is our perception and the angle to view it.

China’s economy does not hit the wall. Instead, it is on drive with much more power. With corrected understanding on the relationship between what China is working on and what the statistics simply presented, there would be more space for the world to grow together, for the world economy to be more stabilizing, sustainable and integrative.

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