Andy Mok

Online education is doing extremely well in China. E-commerce expert Andy Mok gives three main reasons why online education is a winner. “The Chinese people have valued education for thousands of years,” he says at WomenofChina.


Analysts believe China could become one of the world’s most vibrant online education markets, given its growing spending power and under-supply of educational resources, as well as the introduction of the two-child policy.

“Well, there is clearly a tremendous demand for online education. I think there are three reasons for that. First one is cultural. The Chinese people have valued education for thousands of years. The second reason is technological. Especially now, more and more Chinese have access to the interview through their mobile phones, faster bandwidth and more powerful processors. And finally, it’s political. In the recent concluded 19th Party Congress, Xi Jinping emphasized one of the challenges facing China today is unequal and unbalanced development, so online education is potentially a very powerful tool for addressing this unequal and unbalanced development,” said Andy Mok, the managing director of Red Pagoda Resources.

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