Zhang Yiing

Zhang Ying, professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at RSM Erasmus University and founder and head of Erasmus-Huawei Collaboration Program, has started as head of the Erasmus China Business Centre on May 1. 

Zhang Ying can cover a wide range of China-related subjects, including Chinese economy and its transition, Chinese firms catching up in the world, Chinese entrepreneurship and digital transformation (fin-tech to  fin-life).

The vision of the new center is:

Gaining from the past effort of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) on exploring the Great China and Asian market, Erasmus China business has been developed and boosted dramatically.

RSM, with the latest vision to be the Force of Positive Change, has responsibility to lead the business schools development. In principle, research and education in professional education of the management field should be phenomenon-driven, to be relevant, to be applicable, and to be of positive social-economic-environment impact. Scholars and educators in this field therefore need to hold a cross-disciplinary mind-set,  global view, and comprehensive ABC dynamic  (academic-business-consulting) capability.

Erasmus China Business Centre, as one of the leading bodies for such a change, aims to explore the innovative educational model for the future education, learning from the changes and contributing to the education transformation.

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