Tom Doctoroff

Consumers in China have become more sophisticated over the years in the way they handle brands, says China veteran Tom Doctoroff, Chief Cultural Office or Prophet and author of the bestseller What Chinese Want: Culture, Communism, and China’s Modern Consumer, at the occasion of the 2018 Prophet China Brand Relevance Index(TM) at the Market Business Inside.

The Market Business Insider:

According to the 2018 China Brand Relevance Index™ (BRI) survey conducted by Prophet, a global brand and marketing consultancy, Chinese consumers have become more strategic in their purchase. They increasingly value meaningful and tangible innovations of home-grown Chinese brands and appreciate enriched experience through content.

Tom Doctoroff, Chief Cultural Officer at Prophet said: “Chinese consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, actively seeking products and services that provide substance, innovative experience and belongingness. Over the years, we have seen a growing number of brands – both domestic and international – striving to tap into the local market and this trend will be here to stay. To win the hearts of Chinese consumers, brands should be built upon in-depth consumer insights that help boost their relevance to Chinese consumers.”

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