While the world is still trying to come to terms with 5G and China’s position on the new technology, China itself is deploying 5G on a large scale. Andy Mok, a non-resident fellow at Center for China and Globalization explains for state-owned CGTN what the consumers might still miss on this development.


Andy Mok, a non-resident fellow at Center for China and Globalization, stated that 5G was more than high Internet speed.

“Those ’90 percent underwater’ part of the ‘iceberg’ that people didn’t know about 5G would trigger the essential breakthroughs for the industry 4.0,” he said.

“All of these applications that are for faster download speed to consumers is sexy, but I think what’s really important is the 90 percent underwater part that people don’t see.

“What 5G is enabling, is hundreds of billions of devices to talk to each other. And that would change every industry, whether we are talking about transportation in driverless cars, health care in telemedicine, urban management with smart cities.”

More at CGTN.

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