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Shirley Yu

China has been sending corona aid to many European countries, but got under fire because of the quality of the medical gear. Political analyst Shirley Ze Yu says China could have dealt with its critics in a better way, she says at Al Jazeera.

Al Jazeera:

According to Shirley Ze Yu, a political economist and Asia fellow at the Ash Center in Harvard Kennedy School, China should be more receptive, and less defensive, to criticism.

She said instead of “refuting” allegations of European nations, China should “investigate domestic medical device manufacturers, and eradicate substandard or un-licenced production capacity within the country”.

China has built itself into the “world’s factory” over the past three decades, she added, saying it would be challenging for any other country to match its manufacturing efficiency.

“China should use the occasion to clean out any speculative business activity that not only puts human lives, but China’s global manufacturing reputation at stake.

“At the end of the global pandemic, not only world leaders, but all people all around the world will form a very personal opinion about China.

“China needs to understand that leadership is … not about just helping ‘friends’ and allies, but all under suffering.”

More at Al Jazeera.

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