You are probably familiar with that famous children’s game, where children queue up in a line, a message is whispered into the ear of the first child and is passed on till the last. In almost all cases the original messages has been changed profoundly. In business conversation withRead More →

“We cannot ask Peter again, can we?” Before starting to give tips on how to look for a professional speaker, we have to see how we get to the point where we actually start to look for outside help. In many cases you can find people with enough qualifications insideRead More →

One day your company, organization or government department has an uncommon challenge: to find a professional speaker. That might actually be the reason you came to us in the first place. We are in business since August 2008 with the China Speakers Bureau  and since then we have been learningRead More →

Zunaira Munir, an expert on Blue Ocean Strategy, has worked directly under Professors Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, founders of the Blue Ocean strategy, at INSEAD, France. She was among the first people qualified by the Blue Ocean Strategy Initiative Center in 2006 and has since been involved in various Blue Ocean Strategy projects, initiatives, and research. She travels from San Diego, U.S.Read More →

Founder and CEO of Bioforesight travels from San Diego, USA Dr. Zhu Shen is an award-winning business leader, prolific author, and media personality. She is the CEO of BioForesight, a strategic consulting company providing licensing, partnering, investment advisory, outsourcing advisory, cross-cultural communication & negotiation training, and media/public relations services toRead More →

Asia-Pacific director IEDE business school, former diplomat travels from Shanghai As a former diplomat in Latin America, Xu Ming is not only a fluent Spanish-speaker, but also has a profound knowledge of the intense relations between Chinese politics and international business. He is one of very few Chinese speakers whoRead More →

Former China CEO of DSM Travels from: Shanghai Ari van der Steenhoven spans a 25 years career in Asia and established DSM,ae middle-sized Dutch chemical company in China, during which he supplied vital support for the founding of a number of ventures in China, which are successful and profitable. HeRead More →

General Manager, Shanghai Campanile Travels from: Shanghai Calling Gabor Holch a dynamic speaker would be an understatement. His driven style – “I’m a compulsory speaker,” he says himself – he eloquently addresses cross-cultural issues, both political and economic affairs in an engaging way. Mr. Holch has been working on bothRead More →

Author “Doing Business in China for Dummies” travels from Shanghai Co-author of a groundbreaking book on Doing Business in China for Dummies, Rob speaks to businesspeople on the challenges, opportunities and risk management of conducting business in the Middle Kingdom. Rob Collins is a senior executive and management consultant withRead More →

Chairman and CEO of Alcatel China Investments (1997-2005) Travels from Shanghai Dominique de Boisseson is as the former chairman and CEO of Alcatel China till 2006 and a much wanted speaker, both on telecommunication, and on China and its business environment. As a Stanford graduate he joined, after 17 yearsRead More →