Wang Jianmao Fantake via Flickr Economic growth seems to be on track and China has passed Japan as the second largest economy in the world, still stiff measures from the government are needed to avoid a second dip, warns CEIBS economy professor Wang Jianmao in CIB-magazine. Historical statistics on economic growthRead More →

Bill Fischer by Fantake via Flickr IMD-professor, and former CEIBS dean, Bill Fischer, describes on his weblog the fast changing speed in China’s development. While China has made huge steps forward, at the end Fischer still sees huge barriers to real change in China: The conundrum underlying all of thisRead More →

What can liberal capitalism learn from China, is the challenging question Annette Nijs, Executive Director Global Initiative of the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) poses in After the start of the global crisis, it is time for a critical self-assessment says Nijs. Just like China started to change 30Read More →

Jianmao Wang is professor of economics and associate dean at China Europe International Business School. He analyses the political choices the Chinese government is making, and sometimes its inability to execute them. Professor Wang gives us a peek behind the doors that mostly remain closed for the outside world. He travels from Shanghai.Read More →

Annette D.S.M. Nijs, currently Executive Director Global Initiative of China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), is a former Cabinet Minister for Education, Culture and Science in the Netherlands and a former member of the Dutch Parliament. Before joining CEIBS, Annette established the Europe China Institute at Nyenrode Business University where she held the position of Managing Director of the institute. She travels from Amsterdam.Read More →