Prolific hacker “Wicked Rose” has turned himself into a “security professional” after years of using holes in the Microsoft Office to dig into the US Defense department. Sociologist Tricia Wang wonders in 88-bar whether Chinese hackers finding themselves a new kind of career after being discovered.Read More →

Taiwan can take over cheap US main battle tanks, left over from the war in Iraq, but that has sparked off an old debate. Does Taiwan need tanks for its defense? Military analyst Wendell Minnick reports in Defense News. Read More →

Wendell Minnick via Flickr Eight Republican senators have taken on China’s electronic firm Huawei, the alter ego of the US giant Cisco. The eight accuse Huawei in a letter of US departments of having ties with Iran, the Taliban and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), writes Wendell Minnick in DefenseRead More →

Wendell Minnick Fantake via Flickr China’s higher military profile is pushing Vietnam into the influence sphere of the United States, even though they have been fighting a war against each other in the past, says Wendell Minnick, Asia bureau chief of Defense News in AOL News. “There are still bumps inRead More →