Image via Wikipedia China has conducted its first test flights with the Chengdu J-20 Black Eager stealth fighter; reports Wendell Minnick in Defense News. According to Chinese-language news reports, a twin-engine J-20 prototype flew for 18 minutes on Jan. 11 from the “Plant 132 aerodrome” in Chengdu in southwest China.Read More →

Taiwan via Wikipedia Director General Tsai De-sheng of the Taiwanese National Security Bureau said this week that the number of rockets  pointing at the island from China have risen to 1,400, but defense specialist Wendell Minnick is not convinced by the story, he tells Japanese media. Wendell Minnick, Asia bureau chiefRead More →

Image via Wikipedia China has become a new player in Africa and its defense industry is following that trend, notes Wendell Minnick in Defense News. China was competing with the once dominant Europeans at the September 2010 Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD 2010) tri-service exhibition near Cape Town, South Africa.Read More →

Reuben F. Johnson is a more than twenty-year veteran of analysing and writing about defence technology, weapon systems, procurement networks and political-military affairs in Russia/Former USSR, China, Latin America and the Middle East. He travels from Kiev, Ukraine. Read More →

Wendell Minnick is an author, commentator, journalist and speaker who has spent nearly two decades covering military and security issues in Asia. He is an expert on military and security issues in Asia. He travels from Taiwan.
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