Business apps can companies help to increase productivity, if they are willing to introduce them. Ben Cavender, associate principal of the China Market Research Group (CMR) sees chances for users are high in Asia, he tells ZDNet. ZDNet: Ben Cavender, associate principal at China Market Research Group (CMR), highlighted thatRead More →

Apple’s recent success in China might have gained it a lot of admirers. But the company could have done much better and could have turned China into its largest market, retail analyst Shaun Rein tells in the Pandodaily. Read More →

Why is China lacking creativity and a developed service sector, Adweek asks advertisement guru Tom Doctoroff, author of “What Chinese Want. The current lack of political reform is draining the country’s creative resources, Tom Doctoroff argues.Read More →

China’s innovating power is not really moving forward, tells IMD-professor and author Bill Fischer in the Shanghai Daily. “You need also the ability to commercialize ideas as well.” Bill Fischer:  My sense is that, if I was to do the ranking myself, what I would say is that China’s rankingRead More →