Chinese sports wear brand Li Ning not only saw its shares tumble, but has lost its position as erstwhile favorite. Business analyst Shaun Rein is not very hopeful for its recovery in the short term, and expects an upsurge not before 2015 for the sport apparel sector as a whole, he tells Reuters.Read More →

The world might still be watching the exciting London 2012 Olympic games, in China sports apparels, winners four years ago have a hard time, compared to the rest of the world, explains business analyst Shaun Rein in CNBC.Read More →

Soccer clubs hire international players who earn several times the annual income of China’s soccer clubs. Rowan Simons tries to explain what is driving the latest developments at one of the country’s most popular sports in NPR.Read More →

Nicholas Anelka, Nigerian Ayegbeni Yakubu and Didier Drogba are a few of the big names picked up by China’s soccer clubs. But it does not mean all is well, says soccer analyst Rowan Simons to AFP, who believe the sport need thorough reforms rather than big names.Read More →