Getty Images via Daylife Shaun Rein uses the two stabbing incidents in Beijing to explain how government in China works. The National Day on October 1, when The People’s Republic of China celebrates its 60th birthday, is a crucial moment for many careers of officials, he writes in Forbes.While itRead More →

Xi Jinping by Amphis d’@illeurs via Flickr Upcoming leader Xi Jinping was to many’s surprise not elected as Vice-president into the Central Military Commission (CMC), a step needed to replace current president Hu Jintao in 2013. Political analyst Victor Shih explains in Bloomberg Hu wants to hang on a littleRead More →

by Fantake via Flickr After the US announced a levy on Chinese tires, many observers feared a possible trade war between two of the world’s largest economies. According to Dragonomics director Arthur Kroeber from Beijing in Finfacts, a repeat of the 1930s trade wars is highly unlikely.Finfacts: Beijing has builtRead More →

Rebiya Kadeer by Yves. via Flickr Chinese hackers attacked an Australian film site after a brawl emerged over the showing of a movie on Uigur celebrity Rebiya Kadeer and Western media – with few exceptions – were sure the Chinese government was behind this. Danwei’s Jeremy Goldkorn explains why genuine patrioticRead More →

Zhu Shen by Fantake via Flickr Shanghai’s focus on life sciences means that it is challenging Hong Kong’s position, says Zhu Shen , CEO of BioForsight, in Gen News. The Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park, located in the Pudong New Area, is home to more than 3,600 companies focused on life sciences,Read More →

Zhang Lijia by Fons1 via Flickr Challenging times with limited financial resources? Getting a key-note speaker in from overseas can be very expensive. Speakers’ fees go up and – although flying has become a tidbit cheaper – flying your speaker in business class adds still to the costs.At the ChinaRead More →

Zhang Lijiaby Fons1 via FlickrZhang Lijia became in December the fastest mover among our corp of speakers at the China Speakers Bureau. She is, at the second place, actually the first to really come close to Shaun Rein, who retains the first place.Jasper Becker – who only joined our serviceRead More →

Victor Shih Local governments and companies are trying to blackmail the central government in compensating them for paying arrear wages for their unruly citizens, writes financial expert Victor Shih on his weblog, pushing “stability” as their main card. However, since wage arrear is a “stability” issue, local governments are likelyRead More →

Getty Images via Daylife The Beijing Olympics were of course a great way for our speakers to get some attention from the media for their specific viewpoints on the Olympics. From a short note I just sent to our speakers: We had a few big hits, as Shaun Rein alreadyRead More →