Paul French by Fons1 via Flickr Retail sales of luxury products in Shanghai have remained strong, tells retail analyst Paul French the Financial Times in an article about the Japanese shopping mall Takashimaya, who decided to open stores in Shanghai, despite the global economic crisis.Paul French: “There are still aRead More →

Andrew Leung by Fons1 via Flickr It is that time of the month again and at the global offices of the China Speakers Bureau we have been compiling the top-10 of most sought speakers. Most surprising and highest newcomer is professor Andrew Leung from London, who joined us last monthRead More →

Zhang Lijia by Fons1 via Flickr Challenging times with limited financial resources? Getting a key-note speaker in from overseas can be very expensive. Speakers’ fees go up and – although flying has become a tidbit cheaper – flying your speaker in business class adds still to the costs.At the ChinaRead More →

Zhang Lijiaby Fons1 via FlickrZhang Lijia became in December the fastest mover among our corp of speakers at the China Speakers Bureau. She is, at the second place, actually the first to really come close to Shaun Rein, who retains the first place.Jasper Becker – who only joined our serviceRead More →

Shaun Rein, most-sought speaker Today we launched the first edition of our China Speakers Bureau newsletter. You can look at it here. Theme of this month: what are our leading voices saying about the position of China in the ongoing economic crisis. As you might imagine: they have very diverseRead More →

Paul Frenchby Fons1 via FlickrPhilanthropy is making headway into China, writes China-consultant Paul French in Ethical Corporation. China’s rich are more confident and start to give more of their wealth to charity. Philanthropy, charity, donating … these are all new words in China. Last year business magazine Forbes announced thatRead More →

Tencent’s culture is like a shark womb, tells innovation expert Andy Mok to Bloomberg. Since the internet giant became China´s largest company in market cap, interest in what makes the company tick has been growing.Read More →