Victor Shih Getting a thorough insight of what is happening in China’s financial systems is becoming crucial as the financial crisis holds the global economy in its grip. Assistant professor Victor Shih of the Northwestern University is one of very few people who get beyond scratching on the surface andRead More →

Arthur Kroeberby Fons1 via FlickrUnlike popular believe China’s GDP depends only for ten percent on export, not 40 percent, says Arthur Kroeber, manager director of Beijing-based research firm Dragonomics, according to Sify. The limits the country’s exposure against failling export considerably. China’s dependence on exports is not as heavy asRead More →

Amy Sommersby Fons1 via FlickrBig ticket items like cars and apartments have a problem as Chinese consumers delay purchases, says Shanghai-based lawyer Amy Sommers in a podcast, from her car on the way to Pudong Airport in Shanghai. But the central government is adjusting its policies to avert a fullRead More →

Tom Doctoroffby Fons1 via FlickrNo local brand can compete at a premium prices in America, Europe and Japan, says Tom Doctoroff in the Huffington Post. Doctoroff, CEO, Greater China, of J. Walter Thompson, has a wide-ranging look at the China-branding trends hit by the milk melamine scandal, pushed by theRead More →

Rowan Gibsonby Fons1 via FlickrAre you feeling the impact of the financial crisis? Leading innovator Rowan Gibson, global business strategist and bestselling author provides compelling and practical answers in his new series of keynote speeches and 2-day strategy meetings. Focusing specifically on today’s burning economic issues, Rowan shows you howRead More →

Amy Sommersby Fons1 via FlickrChina is getting ready to spend its way out of the current financial crisis, says Shanghai-based attorney Amy Sommers in the LA Times. “The government is going to actively and more quickly implement infrastructure development,” said Amy Sommers, an attorney at Squire, Sanders & Dempsey’s officeRead More →

Shaun Reinby Fons1 via FlickrDespite the financial turmoil, the Chinese consumer trust in the brand ‘America’ is still undented, says Shaun Rein, director of the China Market Research Group (CMR) in The Economic Times. While Chinese take their money out of the Citigroup banks into the Bank of China asRead More →

Paul Frenchby Fons1 via FlickrRetail in China shows a healthy growth, suggesting the country might indeed wither the global financial crisis, writes Paul French in the weekly newsletter of Access Asia. Well, despite some slowing growth domestic consumption appears to be staying strong – pretty much everyone we’ve talked toRead More →

Amy SommersFons1 via FlickrOn Monday we will be doing a podcast with Shanghai-based lawyer Amy Sommers, Partner, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey, on her perspective of the effects of the global financial crisis on China. Apart from a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau, Amy Sommers is also member of theRead More →

Kaiser Kuo Kaiser Kuo gets a nice chance from uberblogger Shel Israel to explain the basic misconceptions of Western media (including bloggers) when it comes to China. Part of a lengthy interview: The assumption that Chinese political authority speaks with a single voice. China is a continent-sized country, and itsRead More →

Paul French As everybody is still guessing how the global financial crisis and a possible recession would affect China, any glimpse of a recession would be new in China, says China consultant Paul French to Sky News. “We are off the map when that happens.” “No one here has knownRead More →

William Bao Beanby Fons1 via FlickrSocial networking can also be a language tool, says William Bao Bean, director of from Shanghai and speaker at the China Speakers Bureau, in a recent article in the South China Morning Post. “It’s a twist to the original Web 2.0 concept… Instead ofRead More →