cross-cultural dilemma’sWikipedia Today I was asked by a potential client to give a few possibilities from our stable of speakers who are able to discuss with US-based senior executives cross-cultural dilemma’s for working in China. That was a tough pick, since we have a decent group of speakers who couldRead More →

A German-German deal got in placeGetty Images via Daylife Officially global expansion might be high on China’s agenda, but financially disastrous purchases in the past have made the central authorities rather careful. China’s Development Bank (CDB), a financial institution controlled by that central government, failed to buy the German DresdnerRead More →

Howard French The former Shanghai correspondent of the New York Times Howard French has joined the China Speakers Bureau as a participant. Currently French is associate professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.Howard French has not only been a keep observer of China’s fast development, he also calledRead More →

Arthur Kroeber Coca-Cola is coughing up USD 2.4 billion to acquire China’s leading juice maker, the Huiyuan Juice group, spending much more than the current value of the Chinese company, writes AFP.Analysts, including consulent Arthur Kroeber of Dragonomic in Beijing, have mixed feelings about the purchage, to put it midly.AccordingRead More →

Rowan Simons National debates on many issues are no exception in China, but now the China soccer team has touched a very raw nerve, as ChinaSmack summarizes. At this stage, disappointed fans seem to pick anything to go after their former Olympic heroes: Last month, rumors appeared that several membersRead More →

Tom Doctoroff One of our most-sought celebrity speakers, Tom Doctoroff, CEO of Greater China, J. Walter Thompson, will be visiting New York from November 25 to 28, a great opportunity for clients in that region to get Tom as a speaker.Tom Doctoroff is one of the leading forces in theRead More →

I have started to work with Google Chrome (now just for testing) and I can proudly announce that as far as I can see our website is having no issues with the new browser. Famous geek blogger Scobleizer reported some issues for some websites.  Main problem: my interface at (alsoRead More →

Rowan Gibson Innovation is a key subject on China‘s political and economic agenda, so the China Speakers Bureau is happy to represent also leading business strategist Rowan Gibson as a speaker.Next to his speaking engagements, Rowan Gibson also conducts a lot of Innovation Masterclass events, which are usually one-, two-Read More →

Shaun Rein Beijing authorities have plans to keep on using the Olympics to attract tourists for later this year, writes the WSJ, but CMR’s Shaun Rein only expects a rebound next year when visa-restrictions are expected to have been cleared.Tourism and business travel before and during the Beijing Olympics haveRead More →

Paul Denlinger Paul Denlinger is at his best when he is a bit angry and he is mostly angry after meeting US investors in China. In his weblog he explains there is no China market. One of my biggest complaints about western observers of China is the overly usedterm “ChinaRead More →

Arthur Kroeber Chinese overseas investments are more feared than those from Japan, says consultant Arthur Kroeber of Dragonomics in an analysis by the newsagency Reuters on China’s economic future. Arthur Kroeber, head of the Dragonomics consultancy in Beijing, is convinced that urbanization, productivity gains and fast-rising incomes bode well forChinaRead More →

Paul Denlinger In May three Chinese telecom companies started a race for the 3G-technology and according to Paul Denlinger China Telecom is going to defeat current market leader China Mobile. China Telecom, for a long time, was the odd man out, until the May telecom ruling allowed it to introduceRead More →