Shaun Rein Private equity firms turn increasingly to China as their home markets in Europe and especially the US are dropping very fast, argues Shaun Rein, Managing director of China Market Research (CRM) today in Business Week. My firm, the China Market Research Group, conducted interviews with managers at severalRead More →

A former US president does not come alonebryanpearson via FlickrShould we compensate our speaker and how much? (2) In the previous entry we mainly focused on the market for unpaid speakers, who would at best ask a compensation for their expenses. Many of the speeches, seminars, lectures and contributions inRead More →

Sam Flemming “There are 210 million Internet users in China; that means 210 million publishers in China that can write anything they want,” says Sam Flemming, founder and CEO of CIC, “the first IWOM research and consulting firm in China.”Sam Flemming, one of our leading speakers on the Chinese internet,Read More →

World Economic Forum via FlickrShould we compensate our speaker and how much? (1) One of the hottest issues we encounter – both in our talks with professional speakers and our clients – is the matter of compensation. Of course, we are running a speakers’ bureau, make a living from aRead More →

Sam Flemming If you want to know what a compelling speaker can do to an audience, you have to watch Sam Flemming speak. He is one of the more eminent experts on how the internet in China can hit your bottom line, positively or negatively, and brings it in aRead More →

via Wikipedia In most cases, you want to achieve something by inviting a speaker. Those targets might be rather diverse. For an incentive tour it might be ok to entertain people, but when for example a speaker is delivering a key-note speech at a dinner of the visiting board ofRead More →

little room for foreign celebin Chinavia WikipediaAlthough our China Speakers Bureau is still very much under construction, a steady stream of potential speakers is entering already reporting for duty in our mailbox. Not surprisingly a larger amount of Olympic champions, turned speaker, we find in our mailboxes as the BeijingRead More →

  How does the organization of your event looks like? You are probably familiar with that famous children’s game, where children queue up in a line, a message is whispered into the ear of the first child and is passed on till the last. In almost all cases the originalRead More →

James Farrer In the second half of the 1990s, I now and then assisted James Farrer as he was doing field work for his groundbreaking book on the sexual revolution in Shanghai, Opening Up: Youth Sex Culture and Market Reform in Shanghai. So, it is interesting to hear him revisitRead More →

The China Speakers Bureau is getting its communication channels in place. You can not only call us at different places in the world over more conventional phone lines, if you prefer that. Are you interested in one of our speakers? Call: Our Asia office: +86 139 1734 4564Our Europe office:Read More →