Rowan Simons Soccer in China is dead and its grassroots base too small, Rowan Simson, author of the groundbreaking book “Bamboo Goalpost” and speaker at the China Speakers Bureau, said in a recent interview with Reuters. “China first victory in their Asian qualifying group for the 2010 World Cup againstRead More →

Shaun Rein As our operation as a speakers bureau gets into shape, a growing number of speakers have committed themselves to work with us. Later the website will give a more complete overview – although we can never put all our speakers online.Among the people who have joined already weRead More →

Not yet a Facebookvia WikipediaSome great insights from William Bao Bean, VC at the China/India Softbank, triggered off by Thomas Crampton, He argues against the common cliche that Chinese companies do not innovate. While a Chinese Facebook is still far away, China has its own Sillicon Valley style garages. ToRead More →

  You are probably familiar with that famous children’s game, where children queue up in a line, a message is whispered into the ear of the first child and is passed on till the last. In almost all cases the original messages has been changed profoundly. In business conversation withRead More →

“We cannot ask Peter again, can we?” Before starting to give tips on how to look for a professional speaker, we have to see how we get to the point where we actually start to look for outside help. In many cases you can find people with enough qualifications insideRead More →

One day your company, organization or government department has an uncommon challenge: to find a professional speaker. That might actually be the reason you came to us in the first place. We are in business since August 2008 with the China Speakers Bureau  and since then we have been learningRead More →

Ann Rutledge is a founding principal and CEO of R&R Consulting, which is a pioneer in dynamic structured credit modeling tools. An adjunct assistant finance professor at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong, Ms. Rutledge has consulted to high-level representatives of China’s MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), CCDC (China Bond), CFOs of large SOEs, SOE banks and security companies, municipal and commercial leaders of Hangzhou, Tianjin, Shanghai and Beijing cities, and national accounting and statistics bureaus under the Ministry of FinanceRead More →

Roy Graff is an accomplished Business Development and Marketing specialist with a focus on travel, hospitality and Chinese culture. Has led the market entry into China of a multinational travel company and launched his own China-focused niche market entry business. He travels from London, UKRead More →

Sara Hsu is an expert on Chinese shadow banking and economic development. Dr. Hsu has coauthored two books on shadow banking, Informal Finance in China: American and Chinese Perspectives (2009) and Chinese Shadow Financial System (2012; in Chinese). She travels from New York.Read More →

Ben Cavender is a senior analyst with The China Market Research Group (CMR) focusing on strategic planning and brand positioning. He graduated from Cornell University with a BA in Government and Asian Studies. He travels from Shanghai.Read More →