Cross-border fraud in China is on the rise, says Shanghai-based lawyer Mark Schaub in Lexology. And when it happens, you should take action right away. First he paints what could happen.

The longstanding ban on the sale of video game consoles and games to Chinese consumers might be loosened at the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, but that does not mean everything goes, warns lawyer Mark Schaub in Mondaq, although the new opportunities prevail.

Moving to China still seems attractive for many professionals, including lawyers. Shanghai-based lawyer Mark Schaub explains to the Law Gazette the barriers you might meet twice, and why you could consider the move very well. And that does not only is true for lawyers.

The China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRS) brought out last month new regulations to make online banking more safe. But foreign banking institutions and IT vendors fear exclusion from the China market, and they might be correct, writes Shanghai-based lawyer Mark Schaub in China Law Insight. His take-away.

The draft foreign investment law (FIL) is replacing the regulations from 1979. China has changed, and so a major overhaul of the law is long overdue, write lawyers Mark Schaub and Xu Ping in China Law Insight. They give an overview of the shortcomings of the current law, and the new features of the FIL. And it might only be the beginning.

Legal protection for China´s consumers was long overdue, but a revision of the existing laws might change all for the country´s consumers, writes lawyer Mark Schaub in Lexology. All depends now on how those laws are being executed.

Business between China and Israel is brisk, and that is partly caused by the fact that both economies supplement each other. Where China needs innovation, Israel needs a sizable market to sell its innovations, a market it does not have among its hostile neighbors. Shanghai-based lawyer Mark Schaub just returned from his latest trip to Israel and made this overview.

Most attention has gone to the chances of the financial industry at the new Shanghai Free Trade Zone, but while those opportunities might occur in the long term, niche markets like gaming companies can already win today, argues lawyer Mark Schaub, Partner at King&Wood and Mallesons, in a legal note.

China is introducing new regulations that makes it possible to phase out animal testing for cosmetics. Shanghai-based lawyer Mark Schaub explains how NGO´s, international pressure and basic market forces have made it possible to give rabbits and mice a happier life, and consumers politically correct cosmetics.

China’s laws have not kept pace with its rapidly evolving retail sector. A major overhaul of consumer protection legislation is set to take effect on March 15, 2014. In short the Revision basically changes everything for consumers in China. As always, only time will tell as to how it is implemented but the intent is clear – consumers will be given greater protection, writes Mark Schaub, lawyer at King&Wood and Malleson.

Thousands of dead pigs and ducks illustrated over the past weeks again China is having a huge food security problem. Lawyer Mark Schaub of the Chinese-Australian law firm King&Wood and Mallesons gives in China Law Insight an overview of how the country’s central government is trying to close the loopholes in the current messy approach of food security.