Working with start ups can have great benefits, but CMR-associate Ben Cavender warns also for the risks of smaller, starting companies, he tells ZDNet. The might overpromise and underdeliver.Read More →

Business apps can companies help to increase productivity, if they are willing to introduce them. Ben Cavender, associate principal of the China Market Research Group (CMR) sees chances for users are high in Asia, he tells ZDNet. ZDNet: Ben Cavender, associate principal at China Market Research Group (CMR), highlighted thatRead More →

The fight for talent is heating up in China, as the pool of labor resources dries up. And Chinese companies are winning from the multinationals. A staff turnover of 20% was already considered to be normal, explains Ben Cavender in Forbes India.Read More →

Compared to the exciting times in China in May, June has been more back to basics in terms of news. Or is it a sign summer holidays are nearing? China does not honor the concept of a summer holiday, but traditionally we do see a drop in traffic during the summer, allowing us to have a break too.Read More →

Tricia Wang, Ben Cavender and Zhang Lijia are among the first group of speakers at the China Speakers Bureau who are going to attend our new online interview show, using Google+ Hangouts-on-air. And you can participate.Read More →