In China social commerce has become the backbone of e-commerce, writes author Helen Wang in Forbes. Chinese internet companies offer services, their Western competitors only dream of. “China will lead innovation in mobile commerce”.Read More →

Burger King had a hard time setting up shop in China, but seems finally to be able to get the country. China consultant Helen Wang explains on her weblog a few of the mistakes the US chain made, and what we can learn from it. One lesson: work from China, not Singapore.Read More →

Incoming president Xi Jinping tried to define his Chinese dream, and got – rather uncensored – he did not gather a lot of support among China’s internet users. Helen Wang, author of The Chinese Dream summarizes the Chinese efforts to define their dream in Forbes.Read More →

What is making China’s middle class making of the ongoing leadership transition in Beijing, author Helen Wang was asked by a range of media. On her weblog she summarizes some of her answers. “They are beginning to push back.”Read More →

Starbucks introduced a winning chain of coffee shops in a country of tea drinkers. Author Helen Wang analyses what the US company did right and found five key reasons, she explains in Forbes. First, they started to look smart.Read More →

No says Shaun Rein in Bloomberg, it might take at least another ten years before China’s middle class earns enough, and he advises clients to focus on premium products for the rich. Yes, says Helen Wang in CNN, since China is cheap enough. What do you think? Fill in our poll.Read More →

Author Helen Wang of The Chinese Dream introduced her book on December 5 at the Asia House in London, on the invitation of Lord Wei. Here is what she had to say about the Chinese consumer.Read More →