Should China put its hope on private companies, or rely on the old state-owned forces. For China veteran Janet Carmosky it is not important where a company gets its capital from, but integrity counts, she writes in Forbes. “Bankers never had the skills to evaluate commercial risk.”Read More →

US-based China veteran Janet Carmosky will appear tomorrow in the first China Weekly Hangout, focusing on the recent trend among some high-profile foreigners, leaving China with some fanfare. The China Weekly is going to be a weekly live feature, broadcast on YouTube.Read More →

The financial crisis in both Europe and the US is deepening, so it is no wonder that the November top-10 of most sought-after speakers has a few of our financial specialists on top. Both Shaun Rein and Victor Shih have been trying to dispel especially European hopes China could bail their economy out.Read More →

One of the mantra’s in our communication with our speakers is: make yourself heard. So we push them to write on weblogs, mainstream media and some of the many social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the upcoming force: Google+. Read More →