Big changes on our monthly list of most-sought speakers for September, compared to August 2011. A few speakers saw their position rise firmly, and four re-entered our top-10. Paul French heads our listing for the first time, after he published his latest book “Midnight in Peking”, a book he describedRead More →

The GOP primary season has started, so China as a currency manipulater, the trade deficits and the country’s trade practises are back on the agenda, sights business analyst Janet Carmosky in her column in Forbes and tries to explain the Chinese position. It still needs two to tango.Read More →

Janet Carmosky looks at her weekly show ‘China What?’ at US-China relations and focuses today at water, the new oil. China has pretty much enough, she explains, but it is very uneven distributed and 70 percent is so polluted, it is actually unusable.Read More →

Our website went through a major improvements and that has caused also some drastic changes in how our visitors look for speakers. Compared to our previous top-10 listing from April, the top-positions are still taken by both Shaun Rein and Kaiser Kuo. But we see a few newcomers in the list, Janet Carmosky and Tricia Wang. Read More →

It took Janet Carmosky thirty years not to write a book about what she knows about China, she tells in Forbes, and hopes Former US Treasury Secretary and Goldman Sachs CEO Hank Paulson will take at least that much time before he finishes his announced book on China.Read More →

Old people’s home in Shanghai The reform of the health care is one of the core changes China is going through. Janet Carmosky summerizes her insight on the health care system for Forbes, as a preparation for an upcoming conference on the subject in June. Current price tag: USD 173Read More →

Janet Carmosky via Flickr Janet Carmosky kicks off another debate on US companies entering the China market: is US mall stalwart Gap having a chance in fashionable China, she wonders in the China Business Network. Despite having lived in the USA for 8 years now, on any given day IRead More →